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Our Fleet

Read our vehicle profiles below to help you choose how you’d like to travel.

Bentley Mulsanne

bentley-MulsanneBeing the first model included in our fleet, we continue to use a number of Bentley Mulsanne’s; they’re unbeatable when it comes to style and elegance. This car is a modern classic with a full Italian leather interior, walnut dash and stainless steel fixings to the exterior. Style does not win over substance here, beneath the bonnet is a powerful V8 engine which can get our customers to their destinations in the minimum possible time.

Rolls Royce Phantom

If you’re more of a Rolls fan than a Bentley one, then we’ve also got a Phantom in our fleet. To make a change from our mostly black vehicles, we ordered our Phantom in a deep metallic blue, which looks particularly good under event lighting such as weddings or red carpet events. As with most of our vehicles, the interior is full black Italian leather. If you want to arrive in something classic with a difference then this car might be a good choice.


BMW 7 Series

For something a little less classic and more modern, our BMW 7 Series’ are a popular choice and particularly for longer journeys, as their interiors might be the most comfortable on offer. Full cream leather and a central console and a full surround sound system make these a popular choice.


Mercedes V Class

If you need something bigger but don’t want to go as far as a Hummer then our Mercedes V Class are the perfect choice. We have several of these cars in our fleet, all in black and with fully tinted windows. They have a capacity of 5 passengers in the back so a maximum of 6 including the passenger seat.

Hummer Limousine

While we like to consider ourselves an elite chauffeur service, we know that sometimes size matters and a Hummer Limousine is big enough to host a small party inside! We currently have just one in our fleet which we hire out less frequently than most of our vehicles but is always ready to go. Be sure to book this one well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lamborghini Aventador

Everyone loves a Lambo, which is why our Aventador is a very popular choice, particularly for evening events. This is definitely a way to give the wow factor to your arrival at an event or venue. This is a vehicle which we use on loan from a private collector so bookings must be made in advance. This car is white with a red and black leather interior and can only take one passenger.

Maserati Ghibli

For fans of the most exclusive sports cars, we can arrange the services of a Maserati Ghibli, which we can bring in on special request. This car belongs to a private owner but is regularly loaned to us for use by our esteemed clientele. The chauffeur we use for this car has a background in competitive driving so you can be assured a thrilling ride. We recommend this car for longer trips outside of the city as it’s difficult to appreciate its power within the confines of London traffic. The Ghibli comfortably seats four people, so three passengers.