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Our Drivers

Ben Wright

Ben has been absolutely car mad since childhood, having started off in go karting and once old enough progressing into semi professional rally driving. He’s a Londoner born and bred and while we trust him with any of our vehicles, he always prefers the Bentley, Rolls or BMW as they’re small enough to allow him to zip around. He loves getting sent on jobs outside of the city where he can really put the pedal to the metal.

Dave Carroll

Dave was a black cab driver in London for around 15 years before we poached him for our company. He was a familiar face in Canary Wharf and had a reputation for always knowing his way around the worst traffic. Dave works full time with us doing the more regular jobs such as airport transfers and journeys around the city. If you need some tips on places to go and where to eat he’s also an excellent driver to spend a journey with, what he doesn’t know about London isn’t worth knowing!

Michael Salford

Michael is our specialist driver; he’s actually a professional Touring competitor, frequently travelling overseas to compete. When he’s on home soil, we draft him in our for our special Lamborghini and Maserati jobs as he’s got the best handling abilities we’ve come across.

Gianluca Beggio

Don’t be fooled by the name, Gian is actually UK born and raised but coming from Italian blood, naturally he loves his cars and claims to be living the dream by working as a chauffeur. He spent a few years as a cab driver in London so has an excellent knowledge of the city but definitely prefers the high life of chauffeuring celebs around. We have to say, he also seems to prove particularly popular with our female passengers. Must be those Italian genes!

Jonathan Michaels

Jonathan is another one of our former cabbies and has an amazing knowledge of not only London, but also the routes to most other cities. For long distance journeys Jonathan is your man.